RFID Smart Application

With SCM data platform as the core and based on such core IoT technologies as RFID, human face recognition and sensors, ONTIME RFID smart application solution helps clients to carry out lean management, improve efficiency and save costs from three dimensions, namely, asset management, data collection and sales support, and provides clients with a series of smart application solutions, including smart supply chain, smart stores, anti-counterfeiting traceability, intelligent warehousing and so on.

Smart Store

The solution reconstructs people, product and place to realize the digitization of stores.RFID smart application obtains consumer and commodity information from three dimensions: asset management, data collection, and interactive marketing, provides effective operational data for merchants, helps merchants to improve the area-effectiveness of stores and consumer experience, gain insight into consumers and their behavior and promote the flexible supply chain.

Intelligent Warehousing

The solution quickly improves the business management efficiency of the warehouse, saves labor costs, reduces operation costs and satisfies the demand of enterprises for the lean management through such five functions as fast in-warehousing, in-warehousing allocation, intelligent ex-warehousing, fast inventory and reverse logistics.

Anti-counterfeiting Traceability

The solution helps the anti-counterfeiting traceability to be easy, safe and rapid through the coordinated work among NFC tag, NFC mobile phone and cloud platform and the highly secure data transmission method, which can not only guarantee the interests of consumers, but also protect the brand value and intellectual property rights.

Asset Management

Based on SCM management platform, the solution quantifies the asset management, effectively allocates the corporate resources, realizes the informationized asset management and complete data statistics and assists in the management of corporate assets so that all resources can be fully used. It can track the corporate assets in the whole process, offer the program of fixed assets management and comprehensively improve the efficiency and management level of asset management.