Loss Prevention

EAS loss prevention provides retail safety solution for the supermarket, alcohol store, fashion shop, foods supply, cosmetic store, etc. This solution can rapidly decrease the shoplifting and increase the shop profit without labor force cost. ONTIME offers full range of EAS products with different frequency, includes detection system, deactivator, self-alarm tags, hard tags, labels, safers, etc.

Smart Display

ESL (electronic shelf label) is an electronic display device that uses wireless communication to replace the traditional paper label in the retail industry.The role of ESL is that retailers can quickly and accurately grasp the price dynamics and formulate price control strategies, greatly reduce labor costs while increasing retail sales. Upgrading to become a new type of retail can enhance the image of the shop and enhance customer experience. The ONTIME'S ESL electronic price tag is a device of Internet of things with two-way information interaction function. We use radio frequency technology to update the contents automatically. The perfect combination of "internal software" and "external hardware" is one of the best weapons to upgrade its "combat capability" for retail and other industries.

Smart Store Integrated Solution

IKnow provides the integrated new retail solutions for brands in term of the comprehensive connection of merchandises, payment and membership. Based on the diversion of potential clients and the construction of intelligent shopping guide products around the store, it promotes the client update and the offline store sales. The data backflow through intelligent products can realize the client flow data visualization and flow traceability. It helps the merchants realize the member registration, benefit exchange and connectivity of service scenarios in the whole consumption scenario, and break the time and space constraint of retail consumption, thus providing a one-stop, personalized upgrade experience for consumers.

Security Display

Security display is aiming to provide best protection for all electronic device in store. Charging and alarming are basic function equipped. Meanwhile all solutions are well designed, at the time protect merchandise meanwhile enhance the sense of store. Of course if customers have special demand with appearance, we are welcome to do new design. Furthermore, intelligence management (such as data analysis, time of pick up etc) also provide as optional. Data, we connected, we analyzed, we applied.

RFID Smart Application

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a kind of communication technology that uses radio signals to identify the specific targets and read and write related data without the need to establish mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and the specific target. Based on such core IoT technologies as RFID, human face recognition and sensors and with ONTIME SCM data management platform as the core, ONTIME RFID smart application provides a series of smart application solutions for the retail industry, such as smart stores, smart supply chain, intelligent warehousing, anti-counterfeiting traceability, etc. to facilitate the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional retail.