RFID inventory stick OR2505

Protocol : ISO-18000-6C/EPC Global Gen2

Working Frequency : ESTI(EU)865.6-867.6;FCC(NA,SA)902-928MHz;SRRC-MII(China)920-925MHz;TRAI(India)865-867MHz  KCC(Korea)910-914MHz;ACMA(Australia)920-926MHz Customizable 860-960MHz

Output Power : 10-30dBm,Adjustable

Recognition Distance : 6m maximum

RFID Chip : Indy R2000

System Capacity : 48KB SRAM/256KB ROM

Storage Capacity : up to 2500 chip data can be stored

Communication Protocol : Bluetooth protocol BT2.0 (compatible with BT4.0)

Antenna Gain : 4dBi

System Compatible : Android, IOS, Windows System

Barcode Acquisition : one-dimensional bar code scanning (in line with international one-dimensional code standards)

Dimension : 480*152*38mm

Weight : 394g

Battery : 3.7V lithium battery 3200mAh

User Interface : dual color OLED screen display; buzzer prompt function; 3 LED indicators; 3 physical buttons

Working Temperature : -20℃~50℃

Protection Level : IP54