Cash register machine OR2103

Working Frequency : 902MHz~928MHz

Protocol : ISO18000-6b/6c,EPC G2

UHF output power of RFID : ≤23.0dBm

UHF Antenna of RFID : Circularly-polarized Antenna,Gain 2.5dBi

Read label distance : 1.5m

Reading Speed : Single card (ID number or EPC code) reading time is less than 10ms

User Interface : LED lights indicate power conditions and operating conditions

External Dimensions : 334*210*13.5mm

Panel Dimensions : 297*210*13.5mm

Data Interface : USB

Power Supply : Powered by USB,+5V/400mA(DC)

Working Temperature : -10℃~55℃

Weight : 0.66 kg