Cloth Label OR1302

Label Dimensions : 68*15*1.5mm(±5%)

Materials : UHF module;resin packaged chip;antenna:stainless steel wire;compound fabric:non-woven

Label Weight : 0.85kg

Repeated Washing Performance : Maximum Exposure Temperature:200℃(392℉),15 Seconds;Tunnel-type Washing Machine:90℃(194℉),15minutes;Dryer:160℃(320℉),30 minutes;tunnel trimming machine:185℃(365℉),30 minutes;Sterillization Process:134℃(273℉),20 minutes;compression dehydrator:maximum 60N/cm²;Lifetime:200 times or 3 years

Chemical Resistance : Passing Tests For Common Chemicals Of Industrial Washing

Label chip : ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen 2,Monza R6 EPC space 96bits,storage for 50 years

Working Frequency : 860~960MHz

Recognition Distance : Up to 6m

Storage Temperature : -40℃~+120℃(-40℉~+248℉)