ONTIME Launched a Pilot Project in IKEA Hangzhou

Lately, Ontime has worked with the world’s biggest home furnishing brand——IKEA, to build up a brand-new retail experience area of its newly launched range E-sports series. Equipped with Ontime’s advanced smart retail system, customers are so deeply involved in an environment that the retailers can typically not provide, and the shop can create more eye-catching points and drive more sales.


Big commercial display deployed in the entrance open area, rowing up contents like picture, price, and hidden features of top sellers, and cycling an amazing interaction welcomed by young shoppers.


Facilitating with the strip display and electronic shelf label, the shelves become dynamic——showing rich information that is instantly managed by the shop staff at a cloud-based platform. 


A launch area with trendy, fun, and joyful articles that attracted an endless stream of visitors, first-day opening.


Standing at the forefront of future retail, Ontime will evolve and roll out more custom smart retail solutions preferred by more big retailers.