Interpretation of Business Design Concepts from Stores, Services and Experiences

Commercial design has become a hot topic in retail industry in recent years. With the development of new retail and the integration of online and offline modes, traditional stores have been endowed with new values and missions. Upgrading consumption and the rise of the middle class make consumers'demand for experience and service more intense in the process of shopping.


For retail enterprises, the mainstream of future design will not only be limited to physical design such as store environment and commodity display, but also to the improvement of "soft power" such as consumer experience and store service.We always hope that our stores can touch consumers at a certain time, a certain scene, so that consumers have the desire to shop. Little wonder, the future trend of business design will be the organic combination of physical space and soft services. Through a series of combinations of store, experience and service design, consumers will fully enjoy the overall atmosphere of the store according to the "design" of the merchants from the beginning of entering the store, and find the happiness brought by shopping.