Security Display

Digital security display solution provides the high protection for all kinds of digital products with charging and alarming function, according to different customer demands, we design the solution accordingly to meets the requirement with perfect performance. 

Wireless solution

Wireless solution has the same function as above solutions, includes alarming and charging, but the communication is without the metal cable, provides better experience for the customer. When the commodities exceed safe distance, it will slight beep to remind the customer or provide antitheft alarm.

Standalone solution

Standalone solution is widely used by customer for some high value digital products for its elegant design. We provide different solution for cellphone, camera, tablet, watch, etc, and with different customer demand, we can provide the standard solution and high security level solution with different optional devices.


Centralized solution

Centralized solution’s advantage is competitive cost, one centralized system can be equipped with 2 or 8 sets of digital products includes cellphone, tablet, watch, camera, etc. With the suitable design of acrylic stand, the commodities can be placed properly on the table.