Retail Interaction

iKnow provides the integrated new retail solutions for brands in term of the comprehensive connection of merchandises, payment and membership. Based on the diversion of potential clients and the construction of intelligent shopping guide products around the store, it promotes the client update and the offline store sales. The data backflow through intelligent products can realize the client flow data visualization and flow traceability. It helps the merchants realize the member registration, benefit exchange and connectivity of service scenarios in the whole consumption scenario, and break the time and space constraint of retail consumption, thus providing a one-stop, personalized upgrade experience for consumers.


With a large screen as carrier, it can provide a series of interactive marketing solutions for retailers. Through the technical means like fun games, somatosensory interaction, it can attract the consumers’ attention, gather popularity for the live events, and guide the out-store clients to consume in the store.


It can guide the consumers to participate in games and creative interaction, and accurately push products according to the crowd, so as to perceive the clients to pick up goods in real time, and upgrade the consumer experience. When the offline store is out of stock, short in color and size, or the client is hesitant, the consumers are guided to add goods to cart by scanning QR code, which is converted to the sales increments through the online delivery and off-store repurchase, furthermore, the consumer data are collected. At the same time, it helps increase the transaction conversions and joint sales through the display of commodity details, online sales & evaluation, recommended collocation, etc.


As a big data visualization analysis platform, it can collect massive consumer data and human-goods matching data, and realize the data analysis and operation. It helps the staff at all levels in the enterprise to obtain data timely and accurately, analyze data independently and improve the accuracy and timeliness of management decisions, thus forming a data-driven scientific decision mechanism.


Intelligence, as a marketing analysis solution, acts as an enterprise marketing consultant. Through the cognitively analyzed data collected by Counting, a series of options can be offered to retailers to help carry out the marketing and promotion activities in a more effective way and make smarter decisions in time.