ESL Smart Display

ESL (electronic shelf label) is an electronic display device that uses wireless communication to replace the traditional paper label in the retail industry.The role of ESL is that retailers can quickly and accurately grasp the price dynamics and formulate price control strategies, greatly reduce labor costs while increasing retail sales. Upgrading to become a new type of retail can enhance the image of the shop and enhance customer experience.The ONTIME'S ESL electronic price tag is a device of Internet of things with two-way information interaction function. We use radio frequency technology to update the contents automatically. The perfect combination of "internal software" and "external hardware" is one of the best weapons to upgrade its "combat capability" for retail and other industries.


There are different kinds of fast consumer goods and they are updated rapidly. Through ONTIME'S ESL electronic price tag, it can effectively display and manage goods and update product information conveniently.

Fruit & Fresh

The quality of frozen fresh products is also decreasing due to the extension of time. Through ONTIME'S ESL electronic price tag, the price can be controlled in real time, and the price should be fluctuated correspondingly according to the customer consumption time.

Footwear & Apparel

Through ONTIME'S ESL electronic price tag, customers can quickly understand the product discount information, inventory, style and so on.


Electronic Products

Through ONTIME'S ESL electronic price tag, it can make personalized template customization for retail industry, integrate it with product style, enhance the consistency of customer's sense for products and enhance brand influence for its retailers.


Warehousing logistics

It can effectively manage the data of inventory commodities, and update product data in real time to avoid economic losses caused by insufficient inventory.



It can effectively reduce paper waste of conference activities, improve the sense of meeting, unify the signing forms, and avoid mistakes in information.




It helps to realize the "new retail" of furniture, integrate into the trend of the times, and enhance the brand influence of the entity store.



Smart department signage: dynamically updates the display content; Smart patient/bed label, traces the patient's full process information.