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SP3102 / SP3104 + Protection cable without self-alarm

Standard Centralized Solution:

This standard centralizer is equipped with charging and/or protection cable, when the commodity is taken away from the cable and/or the cable is pulled out from the centralizer, the centralizer will emit an audible signal with rapid blink. Maximally totally 2 pieces of cell phones/ tablets/ cameras/ watches/computers/head-sets can be under the protection by one centralizer SP3102, while maximally totally 8 pieces by centralizer SP3104.

Main Specification:

- SP3102 size: 45*45*45mm

- SP3104 size: 145*45*45mm

- Built-in rechargeable polymer battery

- Battery standby lifetime: ≥ 48hrs

- Low-battery status indication

- Protection and charging available

- Charging power 1000mA each port

- Maximally 8 protection cables

- Design to avoid cable pull-out


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